Diamond Carat Weight Charts

diamond carat weight chart

Diamonds are measured in carat weight….

One carat is equal to 1/5th of a gram. In the jewelry trade we use a term, “points”, and you will probably see or hear it when you research buying diamonds. One point is equal to 1/100th of a carat, just like there are 100 cents to $1, there are 100 points in 1 carat.

For example, a “50 pointer” weighs 0.50ct., a “73 point diamond” weighs 0.73ct., etc.

My wife keeps trying to convince me that guys need to use a bit of math when it comes to what determine what diamond carat weight a woman needs…. her formula is to multiply her age times 4, and that will be the total number of points of the diamond that I will need to buy for her….

She can’t wait to get that 2.00ct. diamond on her 50th. birthday!


Talk to you again next month…