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We always promise to deliver the best to our customers – the highest quality of authentic gemstones that undergo numerous inspections by trained professionals to make sure that they are up to mark with international quality standards.

Almost all the gemstones that we have to offer undergo various techniques to get their surfaces enhanced. Untouched gemstones are extremely rare to find and they do not come cheap. However, we assure you that our diamonds are offered to you as they are, apart from the mandatory cutting and polishing.

Colored Gemstone Enhancement Processes:

Here are amongst the most common enhancements mentioned:

• Coating

The surface of a gemstone is waxed or to protect it from maximum external damage. It also helps in improving the hardness of the stone.

• Bleaching

Bleaching results in the lightening or enhancement of the color saturation of the stone.

• Heat Treatment

A practice that has been done since the last couple of centuries, heat application to the stone is done in order to enhance its color. This procedure is nothing out of the ordinary, but is actually part and parcel of the standard polishing and finishing process for almost all gemstones. The enhancement which the stone receives is permanent and cannot be undone.

• Infusion

The filling of a gem material with an oil, wax, glass, resin or other material, colored or colorless, to improve appearance. This process began centuries ago by gemstone merchants who found that immersing emeralds in oil or waxes made them look clearer to the unaided eye. This practice continues today with many colored gemstones.

• Dyeing

Coloring agents are added to the stone in order to enhance (or sometimes alter) the color of the stone.

• Irradiation

Irradiation is the alteration of a gemstone’s color through the use of radiation. This is often followed by a heating process. The enhanced color of irradiated gemstones is permanent.

• Future Technologies

In today’s world of technological advancement, everything becomes obsolete as soon as it’s been made. Techniques and processes used in the enhancement of gemstones are becoming increasingly undetectable, even for the most sophisticated of laboratories and microscopes.

However, we can assure you that we strive only to give your clients the best that we can offer, and it is very sincerely we assure you that we have trained professionals who are working 24×7 to come up with ways to identify gems that have undergone any such outside treatments.