Diamond Engagement Rings – Advice for Guys Who Don’t Have a Clue

halo diamond rings

So you’ve done it. You have found her. The amazing girl you want to spend your life with! Deciding to propose was (hopefully) an easy decision, but now comes the hard part – choosing a ring that will wow her and be a perfect fit.

A diamond, like your relationship, should be built to last, beautiful, and not easily broken. How do you find the perfect one? Read on for ideas.

First off, inconspicuously get her ring size. Do NOT outright ask her, unless you don’t want her to be surprised.

Ask a friend who is a good secret keeper to borrow one of her regular rings or, very discreetly, ask her about her size. This awesome friend will then relate the info to you. Yay for friendship!

When choosing a diamond, there are several factors to consider. The first thing you want to think about is shape. Your girl will likely have an idea of what shape she wants to wear.

Try to find this out quietly, as well. Sneaking a look at her Pinterest board is a good way. (If she says she doesn’t have one devoted to wedding rings, she’s probably lying, FYI.)  There are many different shapes.

Heart is for the romantic. Oval is classy. Square is bold and stylish. Marquis is for the old fashioned who like to be unique. There’s also circle, pear, teardrop, and more. Take into account your future wife’s style.

After all, this will be on her finger permanently! Also understand the cut of the diamond. A diamond’s cut refers to the symmetry of the rock. A great one will reflect light back outward and make the ring shine.

After shape, think clarity. Clarity means what it sounds like it does – how clear the diamond is. There are diamonds with visible inclusions (cuts or nicks in the rock), some with barely visible inclusions, like scratches, and then those with no visible inclusions. The best type of diamond will be free of inclusions to the naked eye. Here’s a useful chart that describes the various clarity ratings with real life examples.

Color is also a big factor. A diamond can range from yellow tinge to nearly colorless. Typically, the more colorless, (read: clear) the more expensive, and consequently, the better quality the rock.

So go for colorless or nearly when narrowing your search. Although you can probably get away with a little less colorless that isn’t noticeable, if necessary.

pear shaped diamond rings

Don’t forget about carat. Each diamond is divided into 100 small points. The carat is the weight measurement for diamonds. A rock can be anywhere between .25 carats up to 3 or 4, or possibly more. Your budget is the determining factor here.

If you are on a tight budget, consider getting a halo ring design with lots of small diamonds on the sides. These types of designs help to accentuate the center stone by making it larger than it is.

Next, should you buy from a  small business jeweler or big company? Where you buy your ring is entirely up to you. Some people prefer a big company like Jared or Tiffany’s. You will get a wide selection with these companies, but it may be more expensive. With a smaller jeweler, they will likely give more attention to you, your ring, and your preferences. Some of them will work with you to make the specific ring that you are envisioning.

Not that a big business will never do this, but generally speaking, a jeweler of a small company will have more time to devote to your project, and you can build a relationship with them for years. My husband is on a first name basis with our jeweler, and they truly care about keeping our rings clean and high quality.

However, if you like the security and selection of a big department jeweler, you can also opt for that. If you are moving after the wedding, either go with a bigger company or find a small store in your new area, so they will be close by.

Insurance? Read the fine print of what you’re getting. Some packages will include insurance on the ring, which you will definitely want. But the coverage, like with all other things, can vary.

Some will replace your ring for free if anything happens to it, some include taking it in for periodic cleanings and maintenance, some will put in a new diamond if one falls out. Look over your options before deciding what will work for you and your fiancé.

Pick a special time to present the ring! Think about your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes. Pick a place and day that is important to both of you, such as an anniversary or holiday, (bonus: this is easier to remember later) and for the love of wedding rings, make sure the event is photographed!

Your fiancé will want to see pictures of her surprised face later, and you can treasure them for the rest of your life together.

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