Finding The Right Bridal Jewelry For Your Coloring And Body Type

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Autumn Styles

Brides-to-be of this type will often have red hair, or red highlights in their brown hair. Chestnut tresses or strawberry blond hair are also common with this “season”. Freckles may be present – if you have them, chances are you have a warm skintone.

Skin will have a peachy or bronze look. Your eye color may be golden brown, rich dark brown, or even dark blue. Julia Roberts is one example of the vibrant beauty of the Autumn woman.

To make the most of your natural assets, choose jewelry in yellow gold to bring out the warm tones in your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Look for jewelry with an earthy quality – it should have gemstones such as yellow citrine, tiger-eye, or antique jade.

Makeup should be in tones like cinnamon, bronze, and rich, warm red. Look for a cream or off-white gown to play up your own warm coloring. Pure white won’t be your most flattering shade, so avoid it in your wedding gown, and look to the colors of the falling leaves to find your best makeup and gemstone colors.

Winter Styles

Like Disney princess Snow White, you have great contrast between your skin tone and hair color. Jet-black hair and porcelain skin are one combination that is common for this “season”. Your skin will be cool, whether it is pale or olive (model Naomi Campbell is a Winter with dark skin, and so is ivory-skinned Vivien Leigh, of Gone With The Wind fame), your hair will be dark brown or black, and your eyes will have a jewel-like quality, whether they are emerald green, sapphire blue, or onyx black.

For your type, precious stones are perfect in pendants, rings, and earrings. Look for sapphires and emeralds, or bright red rubies, to play up your natural contrast and dramatic coloring. White gold and silver will work better than yellow gold, which “fights” your own skin tone. Pure white pearls will be lovely with a pure white gown, but you may want to inject some jewel tones into your ensemble.

An emerald pendant would really add beauty to your look – and consider a ruby or sapphire engagement ring as well. You should opt for clear red lips, rosy blush without any peach or yellow tones, and eye makeup in black, charcoal or smoky blues. Catherine Zeta-Jones is another stylish example of this lovely Winter beauty.

Body Type Also Plays A Role

The width of wedding rings and the boldness of pendants should correlate to your own proportions. If you are willowy and delicate, your bridal jewelry should also be feminine, with small-scale shapes. Thinner wedding bands and delicate chains and drop earrings will flatter the petite woman.

A taller woman with bigger bones should choose bolder pieces that balance her proportions. If you are petite and curvy, avoid chokers that will make your neck look shorter and thicker – however, a tall, stately woman will look great in a choker. For women with rounder proportions, long earrings can be a great way to elongate the face visually.

Longer pendants will flatter a pretty bodice and highlight curves on your wedding day. Take a good look at your shape and coloring – then, you’ll have the information you need to find the perfect choices for your wedding outfit.

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