Is “trust” old fashion?

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Last century, when I was a young guy just starting to work, the world was a much simpler place. When I got my first apartment and needed a telephone, I went down to the telephone office and after deciding on a phone from about the 6 models that they offered, then along with setting up a time for the technician to actually come to my apartment to install the phone, I would finally end up with phone service after a week to 10 days.

It was much the same for buying diamond jewelry, like a diamond engagement ring. You would go to the local jeweler and be shown a selection of rings based on how much you wanted to spend.

There wasn’t too much discussion about the 4Cs because the salesperson probably didn’t have a deep working knowledge of all the “technical stuff” and how it affected beauty along with prices.

It all came down to a system of trust that was built over the years, your jeweler trusted their suppliers, and you in turn trusted your jeweler…. after all, this was your family’s jeweler!.

The same jeweler your parents and grandparents trusted. Maybe your jeweler went to your same church or temple, maybe they lived down the street from you, or belonged to the “Royal Order of the Hamster” along with your Grandfather.

You trusted your jeweler just like you felt safe dealing with the telephone company, they were both solid institutions and there wasn’t a lot of questions about quality of the product, quality of the service, or the associated costs…. they were the only source for such things.

Well, times change. Today, any jeweler who doesn’t utilize the Internet or has an online presence is going to go out of business.

That’s it for my rant today. I’ll talk to you again soon.


Many of our clients purchase just the loose diamonds from us, however many also opt to have to arrange a ring setting as well.  We can arrange a simple, traditional tiffany solitaire, to as fancy as you would like.  We have access to cathedral solitaires, rings with side diamonds, antique style, and many others.

A few sample photos are below.   We offer most in 14K yellow or white gold, 18K yellow or white gold, platinum, or the palladium – one of the hottest new metals and sister metal to platinum.

Want the quality of platinum without the high cost?  Palladium is the answer.  It is a platinum group metal, it is considered a precious metal, and it has premium white color that will not fade and does not need rhodium plating.

Like platinum, it will keep the steely white color forever.  It is nickel free, tarnish resistant and more durable than white gold.  It has the look of platinum, and the cost of white gold.

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